Wisdom Tooth Pain relief?

Wisdom Tooth Pain relief?
My wisdom teeth are coming in, and I’ve never felt such pain in my mouth. The whole left side of my mouth is sore, and I cant close my mouth fully without feeling pain. My dad called the dentist and they said to just take some Tylenol and use Oragel, I did so and it still hurts. Does anyone have any other ways for relief?

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Answer by ChipinCA
Find a different dentist. You may have an infection from a partially erupted wisdom tooth, or impaction, or the pressure of wisdom teeth that are not coming in straight can push against the teeth in front of them and cause pain. Whatever the cause, you need to get in to a dentist (preferably an oral surgeon, but some require a referral from a general dentist first) you will need to have xrays to see where your wisdom teeth are and then you and the oral surgeon can determine the best route for you. good luck. (and don’t listen to all the horror stories about extractions, it’s not that bad and if you are young, you will recover quickly)

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  1. Wisdom teeth coming in normally do not hurt that badly.

    You may have something called pericoronitis. This is when a partially erupted wisdom tooth gets a little flap over gum over it, and plaque/bacteria get in and set up an infection. In addition, the wisdom tooth may be exerting pressure on the tooth in front of it, and that would cause pain as well.

    For pericoronitis, since it’s a bacterial infection, you would need antibiotics. I can’t understand why your dentist had such an uncaring attitude to someone in such severe pain. In the meanwhile, you can do warm salt rinses frequently throughout the day, and especially after you eat. Use a teaspoon of salt in a glass of very warm water – don’t burn yourself, but it should be as warm as you can do it. If you can take ibuprofen such as Advil, you will get better pain relief than with Tylenol. Just make sure you have a little something in your stomach – even a glass of milk – before you take it. Try to keep the area as clean as you can – once the pain eases up, see if you can GENTLY brush the area with a baby-sized toothbrush.

    You will probably need to see an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed if this does not resolve, or if it goes away then recurs. As soon as you can (difficult over a holiday weekend!), get to the nearest oral surgeon for a consultation, and have x-rays taken along with a clinical examination for an accurate diagnosis.

    I am enclosing 2 links for you to look at – one is a drawing of a wisdom tooth that has this flap of gum (called an operculum) and shows how the bacteria gets in. The other is to the wikipedia article on pericoronitis.

    I also suggest finding a new dentist – this one seems rather uncaring.

    ***Good luck – hope you feel better!

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